We create extraordinary films, produced with clarity, crafted for connection.

'Film by Alex' is a Melbourne based film and production company by Alex Campbell that helps people discover and tell their best stories through film and video.


Our focus combines exceptional production values with a simplified process for you. 

We believe in strong storytelling and creating a hook right from the beginning. Our approach is bespoke. Each brief that comes our way is a new opportunity to tell a new and remarkable story.


But remarkable stories and emotive campaigns don’t tell themselves. Our in house 2-person team will facilitate every project and assist with scriptwriting and concept development, shooting and colour grading, whilst also having established intimate partnerships to outsource for animation, musical scoring, sound design and delivery. Whether they be;

Our portfolio and markets are diverse; we cover commercials, fashion, music and culture. And we make it all look really, really good.

Videos that pull at heartstrings and capture your attention from the get-go are our forte.

Through this, we transform how brands and artists effectively engage through new forms of storytelling across media.


So send us a message, and bring your story to life.

0400 041 102



Currently based in Melbourne/ Naarm, Australia.